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Microfiber Mops


Impact® Microfiber Mop Base - 18"

Pair with a microfiber handle. Constructed from lightweight steel; flat base prevents pooling when applying finish. Swivel bases attach to the wet or dry dust pads. Stainless steel with orange accents.

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Impact® Microfiber Flat Wet Mop - 18", Blue

Polypropylene scrubbing strips make deep cleaning easier and more complete. A layer of microfiber for fluid retention makes it more bacteria resistant than traditional foam. Excellent launderability.

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Impact® MicroScrub® Bucket/Mop Storage System - Gray

Molded from polypropylene. Quiet casters make this system an excellent choice for public areas. Fits 6850 and 6855 janitor carts. With or without casters. Can also roll independently. Two side bins store up to 12 clean mop pads each. Large back bin holds up to 30 soiled mop pads.

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Wilen® Super Pro™ Microfiber Finish Flat Mop - 5" x 20"

Looped end and constructed of high-wet modulus rayon blend yarn that provides quick, controlled liquid release. The finish flat mop will cover a 20" wide swath.

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