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Loop Mop Heads


ETC Hammerhead™ Best Cotton Wet Mop -32 oz., Fantail Loop

Best Cotton. The threaded metal screw that protrudes from the head allows "hands-off" mounting and removal of the mop. Simply twist the handle on or off without ever touching the soiled mop. Our tough metal construction clamps the mop strands together so there is no yarn slippage.

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ETC Seahorse® Cotton - 24 oz., 1 1/4", White, Fantail Loop

Available in various sizes. Designed for those many applications where performance and price are both a concern. Good quality cotton yarn that delivers good performance.

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ETC Blue Marlin® Hospital Blend - Medium, 1 1/4", Blue

The Hospital Blend wet mop is a looped end, tailbanded mop with synthetic mesh headband. Available in white and permanently dyed colors.

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Tuway™ Loopmaster™ Launderable Dust Mops

Two ply twisted yarn will not unravel. Designed to withstand extensive laundering. Ideal for heavy professional use and laundry/rental applications. Applications: Daily dust mopping, critical care, first impression areas, post burnished. 100% polyester.

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Rubbermaid® Rough Floor Wet Mop - Medium

Economical choice for aggressive floor surfaces. Excels on more abrasive floor surfaces such as non-slip/non-skid, stone, terrazzo, concrete and other textured floor surfaces. Knitted fleece cotton/polyester blend yarn has twice the absorbency of cotton. Looped ends and tailband aid in launderability. Compatible with Clamp Style Wet Mop Handle. Headband Size: 5". Headband Color: Green. Mop Color: White.

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