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Carpet Spot / Gum Removers


Professional Carpet Spotting Kit

Kit includes: 1 General Spotter, 1 Tannin Spotter, 1 Bio Spotter, 1 Gum Remover, 1 Spotting Brush, 4 Spotting Towels, 1 Carrying Bag. Everything you need to get spots out of the carpet. Great for hotel maid carts and janitorial carts.

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Champion Sprayon® Chewing Gum Remover - 5.5 oz.

Instantly freezes chewing gum, wax. High-pressure spray. No CFC's. Won't harm carpets, wood, tile, terrazzo, porcelain, marble. Can Size 12.

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Pro Line® Bio Spot Carpet Spot Remover - 25 oz.

Powerful carpet spot cleaner formulated with 3 enzyme-producing bacteria strains to eliminate organic soils and problem spots in carpets and upholstery. 5th generation carpet safe. Clean, fresh fragrance. Apply directly to affected area.

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Proline General Use Carpet Spot Remover - 25 oz.

A concentrated product designed for solvent spotting and general-purpose spot removal.

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Proline Tannin Carpet Spotter - 25 oz.

An acid-fortified carpet spot cleaner formulated to attack coffee spots, tannin-based spots, rust, and oxidized organics in carpets and upholstery. Pleasant fragrance leaves the area smelling fresh.

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