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Impact® Advanced Gator™ Container - 32 Gal., Gray

Impact® Advanced Gator™ Container - 32 Gal., Gray

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Impact® Large Angled Plastic Broom

Angled for hard-to-reach areas. Frayed bristle construction. Waterproof plastic for fine sweeping. 55" H x 13" W. 5 1/2" trim.


Impact® Plastic Lobby Dust Pan w/PVC Handle

Easy lock 2-way handle can lock in the upright position. Low-profile front edge allows for maximum pick-up. Increased tray capacity. New broom cleaning teeth on yoke. 37" H x 12" W x 11" D.


Pitt Eco Strong™ Coreless Liner - 33 x 39, 1.5 mil

If you're looking for a reasonably priced, environmentally responsible product, then Eco Strong™ can liners are the answer. These liners are formulated from our own recycled virgin resin and high quality post-consumer resin. Manufactured with up to 70% recycled content. This means they meet the EPA's Procurement Guidelines and can be used to earn LEED credit. Black.