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RyZun™ Reclaimed White T-Shirt Knit Rags - 50 lb.

RyZun™ Reclaimed White T-Shirt Knit Rags - 50 lb.

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Cascades PRO Select™ Multifold Paper Towel - Natural

Green Seal™ certified and 100% recycled fiber multifold towels seamlessly blend value and affordability. 9" x 9.45"; 1 ply.


Impact® Plastic Lobby Dust Pan w/PVC Handle

Easy lock 2-way handle can lock in the upright position. Low-profile front edge allows for maximum pick-up. Increased tray capacity. New broom cleaning teeth on yoke. 37" H x 12" W x 11" D.


Impact® Warehouse Corn Broom

Great for a variety of surfaces and debris weights, featuring strong natural bristles. 30% corn/70% rattan. Adaptable for many cleaning tasks. Applicable in both industrial and janitorial sweeping.


Tuway™ Dustroyer "Classic" - 48" L, 5" Width, Natural

Designed for economical use, this cotton/synthetic blend mop combines good pick-up with the convenience of a disposable. Features wrap-around tie straps that hold the mop more securely to frame and won't pull out like ordinary ties. Applications: Damp applications, heavy soil, manufacturing areas, construction clean up. Pre-treated (Dust Loc Treatment). Tough non-woven typar backing.


Tuway™ Jaws™ Snap-On Frame-48" L, 5" Width, No Bracket

These heavy duty, 1/4" welded-wire frames are black powder coated for rust resistance and long life. Easy, time-saving snap-on design, for use with Jaws™ Snap-On handle, or Jaws™ Snap-On connector for threaded handles. On the 48" or larger, includes brace bars and swing brace brackets, for added strength, stability and durability. 60" and 72" includes brace bar key to accommodate swing stabilizer swing brace.


Tuway™ Jaws™ Snap-On Handle - 60", Wood

The best-built, most rugged dust mop handle available, the Jaws design permits easy one-hand attachment to any 5" or 3" Jaws wire frame. Provides 360° swivel action. Slide-lock feature eliminates swivel action when desired. Snap-on connector allows without handle, use with separate, threaded handles. Eliminates handle stock and replacement of complete assembly if handle breaks. No slide-lock feature, as on integrated Snap-on handle.