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Pro Line® General Use Carpet Spot Remover - 25 oz.

Pro Line® General Use Carpet Spot Remover - 25 oz.

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MPC™ Bowl Bryte Low Acid Bowl Cleaner - 32 oz.

Bathroom cleaner formulated to remove lime/hard water deposits, soap scum, rust, gray/yellow stains from toilet bowls, urinals, & other acid resistant surfaces.


P&G Febreze® Deep Penetrating 5X Fabric Refresher

Cleans away odors trapped in fabrics; it's not a 'cover-up' product. Proprietary cleaning system goes to the source of odors and eliminates them. Spray directly on fabrics until slightly damp. Safe for virtually all fabrics.


P&G Swiffer® Dust & Shine Furniture Polish - 9.7 oz.

Has a wax-free formula that cleans and conditions many surfaces. Leaves behind a great shine. Cleans, shines and conditions. Light, even mist that's easy to spray and wipe away. You'll love the shine you get on sealed wood surfaces.


Pro Line® Bio Spot Carpet Spot Remover - 25 oz.

Powerful carpet spot cleaner formulated with 3 enzyme-producing bacteria strains to eliminate organic soils and problem spots in carpets and upholstery. 5th generation carpet safe. Clean, fresh fragrance. Apply directly to affected area.


Pro Line® Carpet Extraction & Cleaner/Sanitizer - Gal

One step extraction cleaner designed to clean and sanitize carpets & upholstery while eliminating problematic odor-causing bacteria. Dilute at 2 oz per gallon. EPA Registered #8155-17-3573.


Pro Line® Comet® Disinfecting Sanitizing BathroomCleaner

Powers away tough soap scum and hard water stains without scrubbing, yet safely cleans most surfaces with a non-abrasive formula. Effectively cleans and disinfects/sanitizes in one step. Eliminates need for multiple products when used as directed. Pleasant, citrus fragrance. Gallon. 3 per case.


Pro Line® Tide® Stain Removal Treatment - 7.6 oz.

Efficient rewash powder helps eliminate stains.