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Royal® Model CR50005 Commercial Upright - 15"

Royal® Model CR50005 Commercial Upright - 15"

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Cascades PRO Tuff-Job™ DRC Medium Duty Pop-Up Wiper

Ideal for routine cleanup and dispense individual sheets to reduce over use and waste.


ETC 2001® Superspeed Rubberized UHS Burnishing Pad - 20"

Available for polish, spray buff, scrub, clean, burnish and stripping.


Impact® Plastic Lobby Dust Pan w/PVC Handle

Easy lock 2-way handle can lock in the upright position. Low-profile front edge allows for maximum pick-up. Increased tray capacity. New broom cleaning teeth on yoke. 37" H x 12" W x 11" D.


Pro Line® #19 Spray Buff & Maintainer - Gal.

A multi-purpose, easy-to-use thermoplastic spray buff, ultra high speed (UHS) floor finish restorer, and auto scrubbing rejuvenator. Classified by UL as to slip resistance. Dilute 1:3 as a mop on maintainer.


Pro Line® #32 Finished Floor Cleaner - Gal.

Highly effective “neutral impact” floor cleaner that safely cleans finished floors, allowing for longer lasting high-gloss finish. Low sudsing and low residue cleaner.


Pro Line® #47 Thickened Acid Bowl Cleaner - 32 oz.

Highly effective mild acid formula helps keep toilet bowls/urinals free of hard water build-up, while disinfecting under the rim and on all contact surfaces. Designed for daily use. Detergent thickened and clinging. 12 per case; squeeze bottle-spout.


Royal® Belt For CR50005


Royal® Royal-Aire Type Y Bag


Tolco® Model GSP™-01 Plastic Bottle Pump

Plastic bottle pump; delivers 1 oz. per stroke. Polypropylene with stainless steel spring. 38/400. 12" dip tube, color white.