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Tuway™ Jaws™ Snap-On Frame-48" L, 5" Width, No Bracket

Tuway™ Jaws™ Snap-On Frame-48" L, 5" Width, No Bracket

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RyZun™ Reclaimed White T-Shirt Knit Rags - 50 lb.

Recycled rags are derived from clothing. They are economical, absorbent, and usually good for general purpose applications.


Tuway™ Dustroyer "Classic" - 48" L, 5" Width, Natural

Designed for economical use, this cotton/synthetic blend mop combines good pick-up with the convenience of a disposable. Features wrap-around tie straps that hold the mop more securely to frame and won't pull out like ordinary ties. Applications: Damp applications, heavy soil, manufacturing areas, construction clean up. Pre-treated (Dust Loc Treatment). Tough non-woven typar backing.


Tuway™ Jaws™ Snap-On Handle - 60", Wood

The best-built, most rugged dust mop handle available, the Jaws design permits easy one-hand attachment to any 5" or 3" Jaws wire frame. Provides 360° swivel action. Slide-lock feature eliminates swivel action when desired. Snap-on connector allows without handle, use with separate, threaded handles. Eliminates handle stock and replacement of complete assembly if handle breaks. No slide-lock feature, as on integrated Snap-on handle.