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Auto & Walk Behind Scrubbers


IPC Eagle CT15B Automatic Scrubber - 14", 33AH

Scrubs in difficult to reach areas. Solution control with automatic stop (Solenoid valve). Brush control with delayed automatic stop. Center Flow System. Power Supply: 24V; Scrubbing width: 14". Suction width: 18"; Number of brushes: 1 (disc). Solution/Recovery tanks: 4 gal/5 gal.; On-board charger.

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Minuteman® Port A Scrub® 14 Scrubber - 14", 115V

Available in 115V, 220V and battery. Machine cleans and recovers cleaning solution all in one pass in forward or reverse. Easy, no tool, brush removal. Quick fill and drain capability. Automatic solution/brush shutoff. Battery machine includes battery pack trolley including on-board charger. Collapsible handle for simple storage. Dual counter rotating brushes that remove heavy soil on smooth and three dimensional floors. Cleaning Capacity: 7,500 sq ft per hour Nominal. Squeegee Width: 18". Brush Speed: 780 rpm.

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IPC Eagle CT70BT60OBCB145 Auto Scrubber-24" Brush TD,145AH

Large solution capacity in a minimum external space. Extensive running time, large battery compartment. Solution Control with automatic stop. CFS (Center Flow System) solution distribution from brush center. CWS (Constant Weight System) ensures maximum scrubbing results. Easy to use control panel. Panel control switches protected against water and humidity. Great maneuverability due to optimum weight distribution. Battery level indicator. Recovery tank can be tilted for ease of cleaning. Solution tank: 19 Gal.; Recovery tank: 20 Gal.

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Minuteman® E26 Walk Behind Scrubber - 26", TD, Quick Pack

The E26 and E30 are disc models equipped with Aqua-stop. Squeegee with quick adjust system to quickly dry even the most challenging floors. Easy access to batteries and components. Simplified control panel. Brushes and water stop automatically when the machine comes to a stand still. Precise dosage of cleaning solution. Amount of cleaning solution released depends upon machine speed. Aqua-Stop is not available on pad drivers. Two powerful brush motors guarantee an even cleaning result across the whole width of the machine. Working Speed: 2.3 mph.

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Minuteman® E17/E20 Walk Behind Scrubbers

Available in brush drive or traction drive. Low brush deck is ideal for cleaning underneath obstacles such as skids, warehouse racks and other stationary objects. Available with Quick Pack.

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Minuteman® E20 Sport Autoscrubber - 20", Traction Drive

SPORT (Scrub Polish or Remove Top Two Coats) can easily and economically provide users with the means to perform chemical free surface preparation and or the removal of floor finish to effectively clean and restore floors. All of the features and the advanced technology that make the E20 an outstanding daily autoscrubber are enhanced by the integration of SPORT technology. SPORT (Scrub Polish or Remove Top Two Coats). Brush type: disc; Brush motor power: 1 hp.

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Minuteman® E33 Automatic Scrubber - 33" Disc, Quick Pack

A disc brush scrubber with a 33" cleaning path. Traction drive. On-board charger is convenient and allows the machine to be charged anywhere. Equipped with Aqua-Stop. Easy-to-understand controls ensure that the machine is simple to operate. Low brush deck is ideal for cleaning around and underneath obstacles. Small, compact design allows for cleaning even in tight spaces. Drive motor power (TD): .70 hp; Vacuum power: .86 hp.

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Minuteman® H20 Hospital Scrubber-20", TD, Quick Pack,140AH

Designed for use in hospitals and other patient care facilities. With advanced technology, new green clean features and the revolutionary Aqua-stop; This series has been engineered to change the way you clean floors. Anti-microbial recovery tank is hygienic and easy-to-clean. Flow-optimized recovery tanks with Anti-Foam System (AFS) protects the vacuum motor from damage. Kill claim for H Series is Escherichia Coli (E-coli) and Staphyloccocus Aureus (Staph) resulting in greater than 99% bacterial reduction rate. Hospital quiet with anti-microbial recovery tank.

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Minuteman® E26ECO Walk-Behind Scrubber-26", TD, Quick Pack

Low brush deck is ideal for cleaning around and underneath obstacles. Large tank opening for fast filling. Equipped with Aqua-Stop. Brush or pad holder: (2) 13". Squeegee width: 35.4". Drive Motor: .2 HP; Brush Motor: .75 HP (2).

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Minuteman® Port A Scrub® -12" w/Std Poly Brush & Battery

Thoroughly cleans the toughest floors. Easily accessible and removable tanks. Low noise level at 69 db. Easy to use, one hand operation. 1 hp motor. 44" H w/handle 8" w/o handle x 17" W x 15" L. 3,770 square feet per hour cleaning capacity. 650 rpm brush speed.

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